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Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Folklor Mexicano

Santa Rita Ballroom

Born in San Diego, raised in Colorado, ventured California, and now residing in Arizona,  Yolanda continues to dance her way through out the southwest, just as she set out to do over 30 years ago. She began performing at very young age, captivating (she thinks) innocent by-standers with her love of performance, usually through the form of dance; occasionally, belting out a song or jumping on stage to perform an act would transpire.

Yolanda started her dance training at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center ( in Pueblo, Colorado, primarily focusing on classical ballet, jazz, & modern dance. Later she was exposed to a variety of cultural dances, music, & traditions that would later influence her dance career. She enriched her educational career with a variety of experiences, such as music (flute), theatrical productions & performance, photography, language, cultural & history studies, art, sports, leadership, and business training.

She has always been drawn towards performance, whether on stage in the theatre or street performances at local community events. Her training in the performing arts includes Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Music, Acting, and yes even "Clown College", beginning as far back as 1983. It wasn't until later in college that she was introduced to partnership dancing and cultural dances; during which she began dancing with a group of Bolivianos at many local cultural events and festivals.

Dancing and performing with this group inspired her to explore her own heritage through dance, which led her to start learning from dance masters such as Maestro Eduardo Rivas from Chihuahua, Mexico. She somehow knew by this point that that her career would somehow include dance.

With intensive training, she began dancing with the Latin dance company, Ballet Foklorico of Colorado. Three years later she co-founded and directed the Academia de Arte Folklorica in Denver, Colorado with Eduardo, as her professional partner. After her son was born at the end of the millennium, she relocated to California to become the Dance Director for the Porterville Unified School District's high school dance program. Previous to that, she taught dance for 6 years in throughout Colorado; all of which, laid the foundation to the Danz Ed Project, a dance arts education program which introduces dance in the schools' through curriculum classes and/or after-school programs.

Yolanda currently teaches and choreographs Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Wedding dances, Quinceañeras, and Folklorica. She also continues to develop her skills not only in dance, but also business, marketing, design, photography, instruction, performance, and leadership. 

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