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Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Folklor Mexicano

Santa Rita Ballroom

1 Session

 ​   Package Price:



One 1-hour private group class for up to 20 people


Expiration Date:

6 months from date of purchase.

Trade in your typical, go-to idea of rewarding them with bagels and donuts for breakfast, for a day of ballroom dance. It’ll flow better into their bodies and minds, for all the reasons mentioned above. It’ll earn you bonus points, plus, you’ll get to show off your new moves at the next company party!

10 Sessions

 ​   Package Price:


Ten 1-hour private group classes for up to 20 people

   Expiration Date:

6 months from date of purchase.

5 Sessions

   Package Price:


Five 1-hour private group classes for up to 20 people

   Expiration Date:

6 months from date of purchase.

Companies large and small are aiming to make physical fitness part of their employees' lives. Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, fit employees can handle physical work tasks better, deal more easily with stressful situations and are less susceptible to illness and injuries.

Its scientifically proven that if we feel good physically, we can perform better intellectually and emotionally. Dance will keep your employees’ blood, mind, and ideas flowing, leading to a better quality of work. Any employee that is expected to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours at a time, and function well, is fighting a losing battle. Although dance us usually developed as an art program, it is recognized by many institutions as a means of improving physical, mental, and emotional intelligence.  

What will dancing do for the employees?

Ballroom dancing is socially interactive, expressive, and dynamic, which leads our senses to fire on all cylinders. Not to mention the enormous benefits ballroom dancing has to offer in the areas of confidence, etiquette, and empathy. All of which are crucial for a company to function well.

Ballroom dance requires quick decision making in regards to physical coordination, rhythm, and social awareness. Quick decision-making bolsters intelligence. So while everyone is dancing to their favorite songs, their brains are getting a serious workout. Here is an study that shows dance as the only activity that showed a significant effect on the prevention and reduction of dementia.

​Exposing your employees to a creatively expressive task, such as dance, will stimulate the flow of creative juices and challenge their minds. Give them a brand new outlet to explore; meanwhile they'll be developing crucial critical thinking skills, enhancing self-esteem and motivation, and developing respectful social skills with coworkers.

Private Group Class Policies

  • Space for employee wellness program must be provided by the company. Private studio space can be arranged, but may require additional fees. 
  • Group classes are 60 minutes, unless otherwise specified, and need to be scheduled in advance. It is recommended that you book your classes at least one week in advance, or schedule a standing, in order to secure your desired day and time.
  • All lessons must be paid for in advance.
  • To ensure that the day and time of your choice is available, you may schedule a standing lesson. A standing lesson means you will have the same day and time every week. This lends to continuity of learning, as well as a simplified schedule. Standing lessons can only be booked when a package of five or more lessons is purchased. If a standing lesson are cancelled two or more times within a month, you risk forfeiting the standing day and time.  
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all Private lessons/classes whether it's a standing or not. If it becomes necessary to change or cancel the class, we must hear from someone at least 24 hours before the class in order to avoid charging the company for that class. If a single private class is purchased and then canceled the day of the booking, that class will be charged and a new lesson will have to be purchased before re-booking the class.
  • The pricing of private classes is based on one to twenty students participating. If a lesson has more than twenty students, the company will be billed $10 per additional student.
  • There are no cash refunds. Credit can be issued to the company account and used towards other services offered by SRB.
  • The Director, Yolanda Corrales can help guide you in selecting an instructor and class best suited to  meet your needs and goals. Yolanda may be reached at (520) 275-7931 or email.

Employee Wellness Dance Classes

Save money and purchase a package for on-going classes, or  purchase a session for a single event 

What dance does for the workplace:

  • Create positivity and well-being among co-workers
  • Provide a fun way to exercise
  • Build teamwork and coaction
  • Foster interaction and collaboration
  • Increase cultural awareness
  • Improve communication
  • Boost team/employee spirit and enthusiasm
  • Unity and harmony in the workplace