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Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Folklor Mexicano

Santa Rita Ballroom

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Private Lesson Policies

  • While a private lesson guarantees individual attention from the instructor, it does not guarantee a private studio room. Studio spaces and music are shared equally with other private lessons. Private studio space can be arranged, but may require additional fees.
  • Private lessons are 55 minutes, unless otherwise specified, and are by appointment only. It is recommended that you book your lessons at least one week in advance in order to secure your desired day and time with your instructor.
  • All lessons must be paid for in advance.
  • We suggest that you arrive early to change your shoes and warm-up, in order to maximize your lesson time with your instructor.
  • To ensure that the instructor of your choice is available, you may schedule a standing lesson. A standing lesson means you will have the same day and time with your instructor every week. This lends to continuity of learning, as well as a simplified schedule. Standing lessons can only be booked when a student is on a package of five or more lessons. If a standing lesson is cancelled two or more times within a month, you risk forfeiting your standing day and time.
  • Please confirm your private lesson booking with your instructor or SRB administrator by email or phone.
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all Private lessons whether you have a standing lesson or not. If it becomes necessary to change or cancel your appointment, we must hear from you at least 24 hours before the lesson in order to avoid charging you for that lesson. If you purchased a single private lesson and cancel the day of the booking, that lesson will be charged and a new lesson will have to be purchased before re-booking the lesson.
  • The pricing of private lessons is based on one or two students participating. If a lesson has more than two students, it is considered a group lesson and will adhere to private group rates.
  • There are no cash refunds. Credit can be issued to your student account and used towards other services offered by SRB.
  • The Artistic Director and Owner, Yolanda Corrales can help guide you in selecting an instructor best suited to your needs and goals. Yolanda may be reached at (520) 275-7931 or email.

1 Lesson

 ​   Package Price:



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buy one lesson at a time.

This package includes one 55-minute private lesson for up to five people


Expiration Date:

30 days from date of purchase.

5 Lessons

   Package Price:


This package includes five

55-minute private lesson

for up to five people

   Cost Per Lesson:


   Expiration Date:

60 days from date of purchase.

10 Lessons

 ​   Package Price:


This package includes five
55-minute private lesson 
for up to five people

   Cost Per Lesson:


   Expiration Date:

90 days from date of purchase.

Santa Rita Ballroom offers private dance lessons for singles or couples in the Downtown Tucson area and surrounding barrios. You can purchase your lessons online, ensuring consistent and fair pricing for everyone.

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We endorse quality independent instructors and studios throughout Tucson, so we will help you find the right teacher and/or studio that meets your needs, if we can't.

Private Dance Lessons