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Santa Rita Ballroom

Practice parties are opportunities to “test drive” your new steps, and develop better “muscle memory”. Seeing what a dance can look like when it is mastered, practicing moving around the floor without crashing into others, training your ear to quickly decide what dance goes to each piece of music-these are all valuable learning tools you can only find at a dance party. We have listed Practice Parties or Socials in Tucson that are hosted by many instructors and organizations throughout Tucson. This is a great way for you meet new people and to practice your new moves. Try them out with other students and instructors. They usually provide a relaxed and friendly environment for you to dance at these events. The music will usually include ballroom dances like swing, salsa, cha cha, tango, waltz, and many others. No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join and encouraged to participate at any of the dance socials listed on this page.

Social Dances