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Santa Rita Ballroom

The old Santa Rita Ballroom building that stood on 6th Ave. at Broadway. The ballroom was demolished in 2009 and has been replaced with the Tucson Electric Building. Danz Revolutionz, LLC has made it their mission to bring back the Santa Rita. 

"When I first arrived to Tucson, I'd often find myself gazing out the window across the way at an old abandoned building on 6th & Broadway once called the Santa Rita Ballroom. My mind would wonder into the past, to a time when local Tucsonians most likely swung the night away, in the heart of a steamy monsoon night. Now, that building no longer stands; but, I am compelled to bring back the Santa Rita Ballroom, for both the existing dance community and the growing number of desert-dwellers that are now seeking out their entertainment in the downtown and 4th Avenue area. It's exactly what Downtown Tucson needs for its' renaissance." - Yolanda

Social dancing is an art form and social activity that should not be lost and is now sought out more often than before our current state of tech-driven culture. People now are seeking out ways to take their social networking “off-the-grid” and “onto-the-floor”… sort of speak.  By bringing back the Santa Rita Ballroom, we can facilitate that movement and contribute to the success of the many independent teachers, coaches, studios, and students that currently reside in Tucson, as well as cultivate a broader student and teacher base.

Students of Santa Rita Ballroom learn from highly trained dancers and ballroom instructors, who not only continue developing their own skills, but ensure that students' goals are met by tailoring each lesson to fit their specific needs and desires. Our alliance of highly trained instructors are comprised of exceptional individuals who work together and are ready to teach you to dance.  Putting the student first, Santa Rita Ballroom will match you with the right teacher and/or studio that fits your needs.

At Santa Rita Ballroom, we believe that treating members with dignity and respect, while conducting business fairly and ethically, is essential to our community. Becoming helpful and respected members of the community is pertinent to our mission. We also believe in a developing a sustainable community by cultivating a more equitable trade and cooperative model that benefits dancers, instructors, students, studios, and the industry. We strive to nurture social interaction and provide unique experiences at a variety of dance events.

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