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Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Folklor Mexicano

Santa Rita Ballroom

"When I first arrived to Tucson, I'd often find myself gazing out the window across the way at an old abandoned building on 6th & Broadway once called the Santa Rita Ballroom. My mind would wonder into the past, to a time when local Tucsonans most likely swung the night away, in the heart of a steamy monsoon night. Now, that building no longer stands, but I believe the spirit lives on. I am compelled to foster its' presence  in the Downtown Tucson community, for both the existing dance community and the growing number of desert-dwellers that are now seeking-out entertainment in the downtown and 4th Avenue area."

-Yolanda  Read more about Santa Rita Ballroom

Not only has Yolanda developed the skills to teach and choreograph dance throughout the years, but she also has acquired a diverse set of skills in business management, sales, marketing, photography, education, performance, leadership, and is computer literate. Although she currently continues to teach Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, and Folklorico, she is focusing her career more towards entrepreneurship, dance education, career development, and venture capitalism.

Yolanda started her dance training at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center ( in Pueblo, Colorado, where she primarily focused on classical ballet, jazz, & modern dance in the early 80's. She feels that she has always had the privilege of a diverse education in the arts, language, and history throughout her schooling. It wasn't until college that the borders, that once divided her from her ethnic identity, started to disappear through dance and culture, heavily influencing and shaping her career. She feels that with her studies in Latin American cultures and dance traditions, both past and present, along side with her classical training in the arts, computers, management, marketing, and sales, can help her bridge some of the gaps for the Latino dance community. She envisions Santa Rita Ballroom becoming a home for the community, where both professionals and students can  find the support they need to strengthen their skills.

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