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Santa Rita Ballroom

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

- Indian Proverb

You've bought the rings and made the proposal. You've decided on the perfect place and you've got a smoking band to play at your wedding. Everyone's invited and the date is set. Everything's perfect for that special day except for one thing...the Wedding Dance! No problem. We specialize in finding the best fit instructor for your needs for that special Wedding day. The teachers and studios that SRB endorses are ready to offer great dance instruction for soon to be Newlyweds. They will teach you the basic steps necessary for a great Wedding Dance, in addition, to choreographing a dance to that very special song you've chosen for your Wedding Day. If you don't have a special song picked out they can help you find the right one. SRB is ready to help make your Wedding Day a special and memorable one. Contact us to schedule your Wedding Dance appointment.

Wedding Dances ...